Matrix scatterplot of the four measured variables: maxillae span (MS), head width (HW), pronotum length (PL) and mean femur length (MFL), and geometric mean size (GMS) for male (filled circles, N = 70) and female (open circles, N = 70) badlands crickets (Gryllus personatus). All variables have been log transformed (LG) to facilitate comparison of scaling relationships. Note that the axis labels are all contained along the diagonal so that each is both an x-axis label for any plots above and below and a y-axis label for any plots to the left and right. Thus, every pairwise combination of variables is plotted twice, with each variable appearing on the x-axis on one side of the diagonal and on the y-axis on the other.

  Part of: Madera EM, Judge KA (2023) Sexual dimorphism in the badlands cricket (Orthoptera, Gryllinae, Gryllus personatus). Journal of Orthoptera Research 32(2): 119-126.