Cricket body size and relative ovipositor length varies by geographic region. A. Male pronotum width by species and region; B. Female pronotum width by species and region; C. Relative ovipositor length by species and region. Boxplots indicate the mean values of each trait, quartiles, the range of the data (whiskers), and outliers. Individual data points are overlaid as scatterplots. Letters indicate the significant differences among groups within each species (PWRST with corrected p-values < 0.05), and exact p-values are presented in Suppl. material 1: tables S1, S2. See Fig. 1 for location information.

  Part of: Byerly AR, Jenck C, Goetz ARB, Weissman DB, Gray DA, Ross CL, Maroja LS, Larson EL (2023) Geographic variation in phenotypic divergence between two hybridizing field cricket species. Journal of Orthoptera Research 32(2): 189-200.