Lipotactes maculatus male adult in its natural environment in Singapore (A). Oscillograms showing three isolated echemes (B) and an echeme with four syllables denoted as S1 to S4 (C). Power spectrum (D) and spectrogram of the same echeme (E). Three-dimensional anal view of the left stridulatory file (SF) (F), ventral view of the same SF (G), ventral view of the right tegmen sound-producing organs (H), and ventral view of the right SF (I).

  Part of: Tan MK, Duncan J, Wahab RHA, Lee C-Y, Japir R, Chung AYC, Baroga-Barbecho JB, Yap SA, Montealegre-Z F (2023) The calling songs of some katydids (Orthoptera, Tettigonioidea) from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Journal of Orthoptera Research 32(1): 1-24.