Live Miomantis caffra adults and habitat. A. Adult female, green form (Merri Creek, Victoria); B. Adult female, brown form (Grovedale, Victoria); C. Adult male, yellow-eyed form (Fairfield, Victoria); D. Adult male, dark-eyed form (Grovedale, Victoria); E. Adult female showing head and forelegs (Grovedale, Victoria); F. Adult female showing forelegs (Werribee, Victoria); G. Adult female showing wings and abdomen (Merri Creek, Victoria); H. Adult female showing head and forelegs (Brunswick, Victoria); I. Adult female showing head and forelegs with atypical spot pattern on coxa (Ball Bay Reserve, Norfolk Island); J. Typical habitat of Miomantis caffra, suburban parkland at Merri Creek, Victoria. A, G, J. Taken by Matthew G. Connors; B, D, E. Taken by Adam Edmonds; C. Taken by Bastian A. Menz; F. Taken by Kenneth L. Walker; H. Taken by Katrina Sandiford; I. Taken by Harvey D. Perkins.

  Part of: Connors MG, Chen H, Li H, Edmonds A, Smith KA, Gell C, Clitheroe K, Miller IM, Walker KL, Nunn JS, Nguyen L, Quinane LN, Andreoli CM, Galea JA, Quan B, Sandiford K, Wallis B, Anderson ML, Canziani EV, Craven J, Hakim RRC, Lowther R, Maneylaws C, Menz BA, Newman J, Perkins HD, Smith AR, Webber VH, Wishart D (2022) ´╗┐Citizen scientists track a charismatic carnivore: Mapping the spread and impact of the South African Mantis (Miomantidae, Miomantis caffra) in Australia. Journal of Orthoptera Research 31(1): 69-82.