Map of all known wild Miomantis caffra observations in Australia, including oothecae and live mantises from both citizen science and museum records. Circle colors represent the year of the first observation of the species at that locality, and the total number of observations at each locality is represented by both the size of the circles and the numbers indicated on them. A. Norfolk Island; B. Sydney and Wollongong in New South Wales; C. Perth in Western Australia; D. Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria. Localities referred to in the text are indicated with lowercase letters: a = Kirribilli, b = Northern Wollongong, c = Clifton Springs, d = Geelong and surrounding suburbs, e = Corio, f = Werribee and surrounding suburbs, g = Altona, h = Port Melbourne, i = Fitzroy North and surrounding suburbs, j = Brighton, k = Patterson Lakes.

  Part of: Connors MG, Chen H, Li H, Edmonds A, Smith KA, Gell C, Clitheroe K, Miller IM, Walker KL, Nunn JS, Nguyen L, Quinane LN, Andreoli CM, Galea JA, Quan B, Sandiford K, Wallis B, Anderson ML, Canziani EV, Craven J, Hakim RRC, Lowther R, Maneylaws C, Menz BA, Newman J, Perkins HD, Smith AR, Webber VH, Wishart D (2022) ´╗┐Citizen scientists track a charismatic carnivore: Mapping the spread and impact of the South African Mantis (Miomantidae, Miomantis caffra) in Australia. Journal of Orthoptera Research 31(1): 69-82.