Morphology of Turanogryllus zamakoensis sp. nov. A. Male head and pronotum; B. Male lateral view of head and pronotum; C. Male face; D. Female head, pronotum, and FWs; E. Male FW. Scale bars: 10 mm (A); 8 mm (B, C); 7 mm (D); 5 mm (E). Abbreviations: cubital vein, cu.v.; anal vein, a.v. (postcubital vein, Pcu); median vein, m.v.; radial vein, r.v.; subcostal vein and its branches, sc.v.; oblique vein, o.v.; diagonal vein, d.v.; anal node, a.n.; mirror, m.; harp, h.; cord, c.; anal field, a.f.; apical field, ap.f.; lateral field, l.f.

  Part of: Um Nyobe PCA, Robillard T, Kekeunou S, Ma L, Mbadjoun Nzike M, Bilong Bilong CF (2022) Description of two new species of Turanogryllini crickets (Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Gryllinae) from Cameroon, with identification keys for African species. Journal of Orthoptera Research 31(1): 83-89.