Specific characters of Toledopizia salesopolensis. A, B. Head in lateral (A) and dorsal view (B); C. Pronotum, dorsal view; D, E. Male left (D) and right tegmen (E); F. Posterior wing; G. Stridulatory file (A1 vein); H. Meso and metabasisternum; I. Tergite X; J, K. male left cercus in ventral (J) and dorsal view (K); L, M. male (L) and female subgenital plate (M). Scale bars: 6 mm (A–C); 7 mm (D–F); 1 mm (G–I, M); 0.5 mm (J, K); 1.5 mm (L).

  Part of: Fianco M, Engelking PW, Tavares GC (2021) Rediscovering the rare short-winged unicorn katydid Toledopizia salesopolensis (Piza) (Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae) from South and Southeastern Brazil: First description of male and bioacoustics. Journal of Orthoptera Research 30(2): 193-200. https://doi.org/10.3897/jor.30.72513