Eremidium armstrongi female feeding on Hypoestes forskaolii (A), Eremidium armstrongi male feeding on Diplocyclos palmatus (B), Eremidium species female feeding on Impatiens hochstetteri (C), Eremidium browni mating (D), Eremidium browni female laying her eggs in the terrarium (E), and Eremidium browni nymph hatched in terrarium (F).

  Part of: Brijlal R, Rajak A, Armstrong AJ (2021) Aspects of the life history and ecology of two wingless grasshoppers, Eremidium armstrongi and Eremidium browni (Lentulidae), at the Doreen Clark Nature Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Journal of Orthoptera Research 30(1): 73-80.