Lipotactes sp. A, B. L. discus sp. nov.; C–E. L. samkos sp. nov.; F–H. L. productus sp. nov. A, G. Male abdominal apex with cerci in apical view; B. Oblique dorsal view; C. Dorsal view in situ; E, F. Dorsal view with cerci spread sideward; D. Oblique ventral view; H. Left cercus in dorsal view. Arrows point at ventral extension of internal process of the male cercus. Abbreviations: 10, tenth abdominal tergite; ce, cercus; e, epiproct; pa, paraproct; ph, phallus; sg, subgenital plate; st, stylus. All scales 1 mm.

  Part of: Ingrisch S (2021) New species and records of the genus Lipotactes (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Lipotactinae) from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Journal of Orthoptera Research 30(1): 51-65.