Lipotactes males: A–C. L. azureus Gorochov, 1996; D–G. L. serratus sp. nov.; H–I. L. vietnamicus Gorochov, 1993. A. Alive male in habitat (photo credit Jérôme Constant); B, D. Male dorsal view; C, E, H. Abdominal apex in apical view; G, I. In dorsal view; F. Tip of cercus greatly enlarged (also insets in C and I). Abbreviations: d, dorso-medial projection of cercus; p, paired phallus sclerites; u, unpaired phallus sclerite. The white arrow in C indicates the spine at base of the upper process. Scales for habitus: 10 mm; for cerci: 1 mm.

  Part of: Ingrisch S (2021) New species and records of the genus Lipotactes (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Lipotactinae) from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Journal of Orthoptera Research 30(1): 51-65.