Stridulation of Homoeogryllus tessellatus (Serville, 1838) male from Warsaw (Poland): a. spectrogram of recorded stridulation; b. spectrogram of one stridulation series in higher resolution of time domain; c. spectrogram of the beginning of stridulation series with three units (syllables) shown. The oscillograms are shown below and the relative amplitude scales (in dB) on the right of the spectrograms. Abbreviations: dB, decibel; s, second; kHz, kilohertz.

  Part of: Żurawlew P, Desutter-Grandcolas L, Szymański P, Herman DB (2020) New records of exotic crickets in Europe: Homoeogryllus species (Orthoptera: Gryllidea: Phalangopsidae). Journal of Orthoptera Research 29(2): 121-125.