CCA ordination based on Orthoptera parameters and environmental parameters (Confus: Conocephalus fuscus; Eucdec: Euchorthippus declivus; gra: graminicole species; mo-ata: mean of the monthly active thermic amount (10°C); mo-eta: mean of the monthly effective thermic amount (10°C); m-ther&ther: moderately-thermophilic and thermophilic species; pra: pratinicole species; rain-spr: rainfall in spring; Roeroe: Roeseliana roeselii; s-r: species richness; tem-m: annual mean temperature; tem-min: annual minimum temperature; tem-sum: mean temperature in summer; the: thermophilic species).

  Part of: Kenyeres Z, Takács G, Bauer N (2019) Response of orthopterans to macroclimate changes: A 15-year case study in Central European humid grasslands. Journal of Orthoptera Research 28(2): 187-193.