A. Endemic species Caprorhinus ranohirae in savanna and shrubland of Isalo National Park; B. Monkey hopper Apteropeoedes nigroplagiatus female in semiarid spiny forest of Zombitse National Park; C. Cryptic and endemic mantid Antongilia laciniata in Ranomafana rainforest; D. Endemic Ambositracris ornata male in mountain grasslands and shrubs of Ibity Mts.; E. Afro-Malagasy species Duronia chloronota (yellow pink form) in cultivated habitats near Ambositra, and; F. eurytopic and color dimorphic endemic Rubellia nigrosignata in copula (shrubland in Anakao). Photos by A. Krištín.

  Part of: Krištín A, Heller K-G, Zemko M, Rakotondranary J, Jarcuska B (2019) Assemblages of orthopteroid insects along environmental gradients in central and southern Madagascar. Journal of Orthoptera Research 28(2): 155-166. https://doi.org/10.3897/jor.28.34055