DCA ordination plot summarizing the differences in orthopteran assemblages along altitudinal and latitudinal gradients in five habitats in central and southern Madagascar. Displayed are 41 species with a weight of more than 2% (6 Ensifera: triangle, 35 Caelifera: x-mark) and no Mantodea, Phasmida, and Blattodea). Abbreviations for the taxa are composed of the first four letters of their genus and species names when taxa were identified to the species level; otherwise the first four letters of the higher taxonomic unit is used. For the full species names, see Appendix 1. Environmental variables are only passively projected into the ordination. C = cultivated habitats, MGS = mountain grassland and shrubland, RF = rainforest, SAS = savanna and shrubland, SF = semiarid spiny forest.

  Part of: Krištín A, Heller K-G, Zemko M, Rakotondranary J, Jarcuska B (2019) Assemblages of orthopteroid insects along environmental gradients in central and southern Madagascar. Journal of Orthoptera Research 28(2): 155-166. https://doi.org/10.3897/jor.28.34055