Figs 78–85. Morphology of Sumba spp. 78–81. S. roseipennis head and pronotum: 78. Female holotype from above; 79. Male topotype from above; 80. Female holotype from left side; 81. Male topotype from left side. Figs 82–85. S. exilis: 82. Female paratype, head and pronotum from above; 83. Male holotype, head and pronotum from above; 84. Male holotype from left side; 85. Left hind femur of male holotype. Figs 86–88. Morphology of fastigium verticis and pronotal disc in Sumba spp.: 86. S. callosa; 87. S. granulifera; 88. S. semicarinata; 88A. S. exilis (fastigium only, pronotal disc not shown). Scale lines represent 1 mm: that under Fig. 79 applies to Figs 78, 80–85 and to drawings of pronotal discs Figs 86–88; that under under Fig. 88 applies also to fastigium verticis depicted in Figs 86–88, 88A.

  Part of: Popov GB, Fishpool LDC, Rowell CHF (2019) A review of the Acridinae s. str. (Orthoptera: Acridoidea: Acrididae) of eastern Africa with taxonomic changes and description of new taxa. Journal of Orthoptera Research 28(1): 37-105.