Tribe Pargaini. Acteana. Figs 331–340. Acteana alazonica male: See also Fig. 67: 331. Lateral view head, pronotum, and tegmen; 332. Tegmen raised to show tympanum and wing; 333. Head and pronotum from above; 334. Frontal ridge; 335. Abdominal apex from above; 336. Abdominal apex from side; 337. Left cercus; 338. Female, apex of head from above; 339. Male, female antennae; 340. Epiphallus from dorsal and lateral angles. Scale lines represent 1 mm: that next to Fig. 340 applies to Fig. 340 and 337; that below Fig. 331 applies to all the rest.

  Part of: Popov GB, Fishpool LDC, Rowell CHF (2019) A review of the Acridinae s. str. (Orthoptera: Acridoidea: Acrididae) of eastern Africa with taxonomic changes and description of new taxa. Journal of Orthoptera Research 28(1): 37-105.