Tribe Gymnobothrini. Zacompsa spp. Figs 323–327. Z. festa festa: 323. Head and pronotum obliquely; 324. Epiphallus dorsally and laterally; 325. Apical valves of aedeagus; 326. Female subgenital plate from above and side; 327. Spermathecal duct and spermatheca. Figs 328–330. Zacompsa pedestris: 328. Epiphallus from above and left side; 329. Female spermathecal duct; 330. Female sub-genital plate from above and right side and left female cercus. All scales represent 1 mm; that under Fig. 325 applies to Figs 324, 325, 328; that under Fig. 323 applies to Figs 323, 326, 327, 330, 329, and 330.

  Part of: Popov GB, Fishpool LDC, Rowell CHF (2019) A review of the Acridinae s. str. (Orthoptera: Acridoidea: Acrididae) of eastern Africa with taxonomic changes and description of new taxa. Journal of Orthoptera Research 28(1): 37-105.