A data warehouse for sound management. The scheme illustrates elements and workflow for acoustic profiling of Orthoptera. Songs are sampled either by recording individual songsters (Targeted Recordings), or entire acoustic scenes, each of which could contain several Orthoptera songs. Targeted recordings are treated like specimens, with time and locality stamps and, preferably, a voucher specimen. All databases listed in Table 1 are designed to store individual recordings. These distributed databases could be federated via ABCD- or Darwin-protocol. Soundscapes require distinct data management of large multimedia files. Orthoptera songs could be extracted manually or semi-automatically as sound snippets, and eventually be identified (ID) manually, or using automatic sound recognition algorithms (ASR). Many snippets can be extracted from each scene, resulting in a one-to-many relationship between scenes and snippets.

  Part of: Riede K (2018) Acoustic profiling of Orthoptera: present state and future needs. Journal of Orthoptera Research 27(2): 203-215. https://doi.org/10.3897/jor.27.23700