Aresceutica morogorica, phallus. A. Epiphallus, axial view; B. Epiphallus, and oval sclerites, dorsal view; C. Epiphallus, lateral view; D. Phallic complex after removal of epiphallus, lateral view. The arrow indicates the cut edge of the epiphallic membrane, where the epiphallus was removed; the remaining epiphallic membrane has dropped down behind the zygoma. In the other figures of this series (i.e. Figs 4–6) this membrane has been dissected off; E. As in D, but dorsal view; F. Endophallus and arch. The region where the connection between arch and zygoma has been cut is arrowed. The lighter shading indicates the ectophallic aedeagal sheath.

  Part of: Rowell CHF, Jago ND, Hemp C (2018) Revision of Aresceutica (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Catantopinae) with comments on related genera. Journal of Orthoptera Research 27(2): 107-118.