Live habitus. A. Theopompella aurivillii (female) from DNNP; B. Theopompella sp. (young) from DNNP; C. Dactylopteryx flexuosa (female) from DNNP; D. Amorphoscelis griffinii (male) from DNNP; E. Amorphoscelis pulchra (male) from DNNP; F. Galinthias amoena (female) from LNP; G. Panurgica feae (female) from DNNP; H. Chloroharpax modesta (male) from DNNP; I. Anasigerpes bifasciata (female) from DNNP; J. Pseudocreobotra ocellata (female) from LNP; K. Pseudocreobotra ocellata (male) from DNNP; L.Oxypiloidea (Catasigerpes) margarethae (female) from DNNP.

  Part of: Moulin N, DecaĆ«ns T, Annoyer P (2017) Diversity of mantids (Dictyoptera: Mantodea) of Sangha-Mbaere Region, Central African Republic, with some ecological data and DNA barcoding. Journal of Orthoptera Research 26(2): 117-141.