Langness Peninsula in July 2006: A. and B. Short grassland supporting S. stigmaticus, M. maculatus and C. brunneus around rocky outcrops above the shore (with AJC taking notes); C. short grassy heath supporting S. stigmaticus near the mid-line of the peninsula; D. tall grassland and gorse near the mid-line of the peninsula with scarce S. stigmaticus restricted to short grass close to rocks and C. brunneus throughout; E. a path with S. stigmaticus occurring immediately adjacent and C. brunneus extending into the taller grassland beyond; and F. a patch of semi-rough (with RGS inspecting a grasshopper) and a grassy mound supporting S. stigmaticus and C. brunneus within the golf course.

  Part of: Selman RG, Cherrill AJ (2018) The lesser mottled grasshopper, Stenobothrus stigmaticus: lessons from habitat management at its only site in the British Isles. Journal of Orthoptera Research 27(1): 83-89.