Spatial cross-correlograms between A. grasshopper density and NDVI, B. grasshopper density and the mean genetic differentiation between individuals (MAPI cell values) and, C. NDVI and the mean genetic differentiation between individuals. The x-intercept of the spline-correlogram is the estimate of the distance at which the correlation between variables is not different than expected by chance alone. Dotted lines represent the 95% confidence envelope based on 500 bootstrap resamples.

  Part of: Piry S, Berthier K, Streiff R, Cros-Arteil S, Foucart A, Tatin L, Bröder L, Hochkirch A, Chapuis M-P (2018) Fine-scale interactions between habitat quality and genetic variation suggest an impact of grazing on the critically endangered Crau Plain grasshopper (Pamphagidae: Prionotropis rhodanica). Journal of Orthoptera Research 27(1): 61-73.