Map of France and location of A. the plain of Crau (Bouches-du-Rhône, France), B. the sampling site located between the sheepfolds ‘La Grosse du Levant’ and ‘La Grosse du Centre’, and C. the circles surveyed to detect and sample P. rhodanica. A00-A65: names of circles of the grid A; B04-B51: names of circles of the grid B; C1: additional circle of 100 m diameter (see Material and methods).

  Part of: Piry S, Berthier K, Streiff R, Cros-Arteil S, Foucart A, Tatin L, Bröder L, Hochkirch A, Chapuis M-P (2018) Fine-scale interactions between habitat quality and genetic variation suggest an impact of grazing on the critically endangered Crau Plain grasshopper (Pamphagidae: Prionotropis rhodanica). Journal of Orthoptera Research 27(1): 61-73.