Male chromosomes of Ectadia diuturna sp. n. A. C-banded metaphase; B. FISH with 18S rDNA (green) probe in metaphase/anaphase (A – the left) and prometaphase (B – the right). Arrows indicate telomeric located C-bands (A) and cluster of 18S rDNA (B) in the heteromorphic large-sized chromosomes (marked with “1”); X, sex chromosome.

  Part of: Heller K, Ingrisch S, Warchałowska-Śliwa E, Liu C (2017) The genus Ectadia (Orthoptera: Phaneropteridae: Phaneropterinae) in East Asia: description of a new species, comparison of its complex song and duetting behavior with that of E. fulva and notes on the biology of E. fulva. Journal of Orthoptera Research 26(1): 39-51.